Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy anniversary to me.

I thought about writing a post today, but I wasn't sure what I would write about. Then I decided that I really shouldn't overwhelm people with stuff to read. I mean if you have already checked out the interview that Will conducted of yours truly you have had plenty of reading material to get you through the day. It was a long sucker! But I can't help it. It is 10:18pm and I don't feel like my day can be done without writing something! I have to!

I was looking back over my blog these last few days, and I realized that Monday will be my 2 year anniversary as a blogger. I can't believe I have two full years of blog posts! I have never kept a diary for longer than a week. My journals have numerous entries when I am going through some life crisis or drama, but then they tend to be neglected as well. And now...well now I have officially been a blogger for 2 years (almost!). My postings have gotten more frequent over the 2 years as well. The first year...well the 11 months of 2006 that I blogged...I posted exactly 48 times. Just 48. I wonder why I didn't post more. Did I not have anything exciting to say? Surely I did. Was I busier then than I am now? Most definitely. Half the year was spent in Turkey and half was spent in America. I know I was busier. I already have 48 posts this year, and it is just February 1st. As I looked back over the 2 years of blog posts there are a few posts that still make me laugh or stand out to me. Here is a list of my top 10 favorites. In no particular order...

1. Airport Security

2. Coach Brian

3. From Anna Grace

4. Questions Answered (particularly numbers 3 and 4)

5. You're not from around here

6. Limon Cologne

7. Squatty Potties

8. Translation

9. Words

10. Pizza



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Bteacher99 said...

Natalie, I just posted a blog that was full of "underlining", so don't blame your new computer. I think it's a programming glitch, or a PEBKAC error.(Your kids should know what that means!) Now a question: how do you link to old blog entries? That's what I was trying to do when I created the underline nightmare! -Brenda

Natalie said...

Thanks fringes. It's been a fun ride!

Brenda...I will call you with the answer to your question! OH...and none of my kids had a clue what PEBKAC meant. Maybe they were absent that day?!?