Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seeing is Believing

This afternoon Brian and I happened to be standing in the entryway. He had just walked in the door and being the good wife that I am I immediately ran to greet him with a cold drink and a kiss. (ok...I just happened to be in the entryway when he walked in the door...sans cold drink.) (I didn't kiss him either.) Just seconds after he walked in the door we heard water hitting water in the bathroom nearest the front door. He glanced around and saw Pugly, the cat, perched on the toilet peeing. Ok...so it was pee hitting water. The rest of us had already witnessed this phenomenon, but Brian had only heard she was doing it. He turned around looked at me and said, "oh". He always believed us, but there was just something about seeing it for himself.

For the original story on Pugly using the toilet see here. For a picture of Pugly (not using the toilet...she is shy and has refused to go every time I follow her to the bathroom with the camera. seriously!) see here.


HeyJoe said...

Wish we could get Sonny to do that. Or better yet, train him to barf in the toilet as he does that constantly, and typically on the rug.

Anonymous said...

Animals are way cooler than most people know! Good for Pugly!

Mike S said...

Although it sounds cool, I'd have nightmares if ours (5 of'em) learned. All I can imagine is pee-slinging kitty fights over who didn't flush!!

Natalie said...

heyjoe - i wish we could train both of our cats to do all their business in the toilet. it would save us a ton of money since cat litter here is outrageous, and we live on the third floor so there is no letting them outside to take care of it!

witty - yeah, i'm glad she decided to use the toilet rather than a plant! we had a cat once that killed several plants that way!

mike - it is cool actually. if only we could teach her to flush...that would be the ultimate!