Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chocolate covered coffee beans are full of caffeine. Trust me.

Tonight 11 of us gathered to celebrate a friend's birthday. We kidnapped her and took her to Kahve Dunyasi (Coffee World) for a birthday coffee.

We laughed, had discussions about special brews (and not the coffee flavored kind), and ate entirely too many chocolate covered coffee beans. (Notice that I am the only one still wearing my coat. I wore it the entire time. It was so cold. I put on cute clothes for the occasion and then didn't even get to show them off. Trust me. I was looking good! Of course that could be the caffeine talking...I am wired!)

Can anyone spell COW? Sara enjoyed the last of the chocolate fondue with a spoon. She saw me pull out my camera as she was getting ready to scrape the bowl and knew that the picture would end up on the blog. I hate to disappoint!

Not wanting to be outdone by Sara...Liz ordered a plate of chocolate spoons and chocolate covered coffee beans. Forget scraping the bottom of the fondue bowl with a metal spoon...just give me a chocolate spoon and skip a step!

My yummy caramel cappuccino. With a chocolate spoon of course!

Tiffany...the birthday girl...and Abby.


Heather said...

um, i think ALL spoons should be chocolate. all of them.

Lisa said...

Hey - I can't sleep either. Either too many choc-covered coffee beans or cappuccino or chocolate or adrenaline. So, I'm up looking at your blog guessing you already blogged this event. I was right! Thanks for not disappointing. I wonder what time I'll get to sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

We only discovered Coffee World towards the end of our trip. Too bad, since we spend about a million dollars at Starbucks by that time. LOL

Anonymous said...

Chocolate spoons, dangerous!

Great pictures!

Gina said...

Chocolate spoons and coffee...wish I could have been there.

Natalie said...

wishful - i agree! we had a discussion about what eating cereal with a chocolate spoon would be like if we decided to take one home to use for breakfast the next morning. i think it could work.

lisa - i went to bed at 1:30. still awake, but knowing i would regret it in the morning!

cathy - you gotta love coffee world. they have this huge chocolate fountain that you can order fondue from. it is served with fresh fruit. yummy!

witty - i'm thinking a whole set of cutlery made out of chocolate would be a great gift. dangerous for sure!

gina - we would have scooted over to make room for you! it was fun!