Thursday, February 28, 2008

Socks and Shoes

So far I have been overwhelmed with questions on my post where I asked people if they had any questions for me. Actually...that's not true. I have received only one question. This makes the job of sorting through the questions much easier. Hmmmm...which question should I choose to answer today? Hmmmm...how about the only question I've gotten. And what a good question it is, too. You would think I would have a simple answer to this question. It is a simple question. But the truth of the matter is that the first part of the question was asked of me two weeks ago by a completely different person, and then I was reminded of it again yesterday before I ever read the question. And the second part of the question was brought up by one of my sons just this morning. I couldn't believe it. This topic seems to be haunting me so I feel the need to address it for sure. So, Witty, here is a long drawn out answer to your simple question!

Question - Part 1 - When you put your socks and shoes on, do you go, "sock, sock, shoe, shoe," or "sock, shoe, sock shoe?" Which sock do you put on first, right or left?

Just two weeks ago Brian and I participated in the Newlywed Game with 4 other couples. This exact question was one that was posed to the girls concerning their spouses. How did our spouses put their socks and shoes on? sock, sock, shoe, shoe, or sock, shoe, sock, shoe. At the time I thought it was a ridiculous question. I mean of course the answer is sock, sock, shoe, shoe. Who puts on one sock and then a shoe and then the other sock and then the other shoe? I mean really. All five of us girls said that our spouses put both of their socks on before putting on their shoes. We decided that living in a country where people don't wear shoes indoors gave us a bit of an advantage because when we get dressed in the morning we usually put on our socks. Our shoes aren't ever put on until we are about to walk out of the door. Heaven forbid we wear them in our houses. That would just be wrong! So of course we all had the correct answer. One of the girls said that her father-in-law did the whole sock, shoe, sock, shoe thing, and I thought it was the strangest thing for someone to do it this way. But he is older and probably set in his ways so I guess I can cut him some slack. As far as I was concerned I need not ever think about this subject again.

Then yesterday happened. The weather here was beautiful, and I decided to go running. Actually I thought about running, but considering I had barely done any walking in the past month and a half I figured I should start there. So I pulled out the running shoes I bought at Christmastime while I was in America. The wonderful gray and green running shoes. Ahhhh...look how nice and clean these shoes are. So pretty. I put on one sock. Then I put on A SHOE. I was so enamored with my shoes that I guess I just couldn't wait to put one on. I then picked up the other shoe and started to put it on my other foot. But, WAIT! I forgot to put my sock on. Me. The person who couldn't believe anyone would ever clothe their feet in a sock, shoe, sock, shoe order. I fumbled around, picked up my other sock and quickly put it on my naked foot. Thankfully no one was home to see me make such a mistake. I put the other shoe on...not really even paying attention. What was happening to me? It was the shoes I tell you. The shoes. (Oh...and to answer the last part of the first part of the question...yesterday I put my right sock on first. I guess I probably always do that. Right sock, left sock, right shoe, left shoe? maybe. I didn't put shoes on today...just socks and I forgot to pay attention. If after several days of doing this I find that my answer changes I will be sure to let you know. Research...I must research this!)

Question - Part 2 - Also, why do people always seem to say, "Put your shoes and socks on?" It should be, "Put your socks and shoes on!" What do you think?

Just this morning as the kids were getting ready to leave for school I said this exact phrase. "Get your shoes and socks on." Jacob then asked, "Shouldn't it be socks and shoes since you put the socks on first?" I was dumbfounded. I had already read Witty's question. Did he see my blog? Had he read that question at some point when my email was open? I asked him if he had read anything or heard anything that made him ask it, and he said he hadn't. It just didn't make sense to him for me to say shoes first. Ok...I agree. It should be socks and shoes. And I think that I might say that at times as well. I'm not sure though. I am going to just see how it comes out of my mouth the next time.

Of course now I am going to be so self-conscious about how I do anything concerning socks and shoes. My worlds are colliding...and I'm not sure what to think about it!


Anonymous said...

YOU triggered a coughing fit with this post.... LOL

I will send you the results of the personality test when I get back home and have my computer. I am a right sock, right shoe, left sock, left shoe person. Have been all my life and I say, "Put your socks and shoes on." LOL

Just so you know! LOL, cough, cough, cough... I have to go get a cough drop.

Natalie said...

witty - so you had a coughing fit because you were laughing so hard, or because you did the mental personality quiz in your head and realized how messed up i am, or because i managed to write a gazillion words about a something so simple? i'm going with the "she's one messed up chick!" answer!

Anonymous said...

You will find out when I get back to my own computer... (evil grin).

IN the meantime.... you earned yourself a BOB and are my post for the day!!


Bteacher99 said...

Just for the record, I think you're right about "here" being a sock-sock-shoe-shoe place, but even in "shoes indoors" cultures, I think I do the same.

Sounds like a science project!

Natalie said...

witty - ok, ok. i'll wait. geesh!

brenda - a smart teacher thinks i'm right about something! yeah. don't ask will about my changing fractions to decimals ability...i was not exactly right. i was on the right track though. does that count? and science projects...don't even get me started!

HeyJoe said...

The time to worry is when the shoes go on BEFORE the socks.

But for the record, because I KNOW how much everyone cares, I'm a sock, sock, shoe, shoe guy.

There, I said it. It's out there and I'm not taking it back.

Natalie said...

heyjoe - got it. sock, sock, shoe, shoe. i'll never question your footwear dressing habits again. i promise!