Tuesday, February 19, 2008

more words.

ok...my wonderful husband has had several issues with some words i have chosen to use in my blogs. they aren't even real words. just expressions. sound affects. noise words. and even though they aren't real words he thinks i should be sure to spell them correctly. i don't know.

i say "geesh". he says it should be "sheesh". he pronounces geesh with a soft g like the word geese. that doesn't make sense to me. the word gee isn't pronounced with a soft g. why would geesh have to be pronounced that way. i think geesh is a perfectly acceptable word. i also think sheesh is a perfectly acceptable word. i will use them interchangeably.

other examples that he may or may not have issues with. meh. used for an overall who cares, so what, nothing special whatever attitude. arghhhhh with however many h's i feel is necessary to make my point. harumph. for when i feel like grunting and snorting.

(i just looked up the word geesh using urbandictionary.com and found that it could mean things i DO NOT mean to say. man. maybe brian is right. maybe i should stick to words i know.)


Anonymous said...

LOL- I use "geesh" too... NOW I have to go look it up, to see what it means that I don't.... LOL

Heather said...

um, never let him read my blog.

he'll have a heart attack.

for snizzle.

Natalie said...

witty - yeah...i can guarantee i didn't mean what urban dictionary said geesh meant. i might still use it. i mean geesh...it's a perfectly good word!

wishful - he doesn't read your blog. i read it to him at times...making sure to substitute words when necessary. and that way he can't tell if you've misspelled something.

and um...i looked up snizzle on urbandictionary and welp...it wasn't good! geesh...sheesh...harumph.

Gina said...

I think I actually say 'geesh' like Brian does...so it ends up sounding like a person with a lisp saying 'geese'.

Natalie said...

gina - the funny thing is now i have a hard time saying geesh like i want to say it. i keep saying it brian's way. that's what i get for listening to him!