Sunday, February 10, 2008

More answers...

Erica's answers to the serious question posed in the previous blog post...

a hairbrush
toothbrush and toothpaste
shampoo and conditioner

"I can beat up those monkeys by myself."

I still can't decide. I've been thinking. Really. And I can't narrow it down to three things. See I have this problem. Don't ask me to make choices unless you want a long drawn out explanation of why each choice would be a good option. Don't give me two choices and expect a good quick easy response. It doesn't work that way for me. I mean there are some things that I have no problem narrowing down.

Favorite drink - Diet Coke
Favorite restaurant - Pappadeaux's
Favorite color - red

See those were easy. I've had a long time to narrow them down. I've tried many other drinks. I've eaten at many restaurants. I've known my colors for over 30 years. These weren't something posed to me for the first time in a question 2 minutes ago. They have been decided for awhile. But if you were to say choose between having sushi or Italian food tonight. Oh man. That is a hard decision. I love sushi. I love Italian. I could go on and on about the positives about each. If I have recently had one or the other that would make the choice easier, but I would still have to think about which I would rather have. More than likely my answer would be for you to choose. That it didn't matter to me. And really...that would be the truth. I would be ok. I'm easy to please...most of the time. (No comments from those of you who think you know better.)

So my choices for what I would take on a deserted island...after much thought...

1. a bag of toiletries...toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, an elastic headband to pull my hair back if necessary, and whatever else I decide to take when it came time to pack. I choose a bag so I can have more than one thing in it. (see...a more complex answer than you probably wanted!)
2. an mp3 music/video player with a built in satellite phone with as much memory as possible...and with a solar-powered charger. I don't think I could survive without music to dance to, movies to watch, and some way to call the outside world if I needed to talk. (I combined a couple from Brian of The Office (Blog) and my son, Will, who is just plain smart...see...again...I really didn't narrow it down to just one thing.)
3. a large toolbox filled with some essential items. It must have a knife of course and some flint, a magnifying glass, an ax, some pliers, heavy duty garden shears, a windup flashlight with a compass in the handle, wire cutters, and other important survival related items.

So there. I've narrowed it down to those three simple things. No problem.


Anonymous said...

OK your list is so lame. Why don't you just take a Wal-Mart and the Mall of America.


Natalie said...

scott - well...as much as i want to leave a snarky sassy remark i have decided to be sweet instead. i'm so glad you read my blog. i feel honored that you do. seriously. i know you are a busy guy so to take timeout to read and then even more time to comment makes me feel special. and just so you know i honestly figure if i am stranded on a deserted island it will be an accident so i don't imagine i will be able to pack for the trip. i just hope i'm wearing good shoes. i think good shoes would be a huge plus. i bet they have places to buy good shoes in amsterdam. i should check that out.

Amy said...

I think I would want to be stranded with you. I like your "3" items. Except one of those gadgets should have a laptop built in which of course would get some sort of miraculous satellite wifi or something like that. Forget the phone. You could communicate all you want with the laptop.

Natalie said...

amy - i know. i want to be prepared. you never know what you will need on a deserted island! and if you come with me then we can take more because you get three things as well!