Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today I was in a sorry mood. A sorry one. I played on my bongos to help get some of my frustration out, and now my hands are sore. Afterwards I decided that I needed to name the bongos. I think I would rather say I played with "Ed and Leroy" or "Mavis and Ethel" than I played on my bongos. So I am asking for your help. What do you think I should call them? I do think they need two names...since there are two of them. Look at the picture and see what you can come up with. Who do they look like to you? I'm waiting.


Tamara said...

Um...Cherry and Berry?

HeyJoe said...

Franny & Zooey? Sorry, been reading about Salinger.

Chuck & Berry?

Magilla Gorilla?

Bobby & Cindy

Greg & Marsha?

Cock & Balls

Cheezybri said...

How about Michael J. and Tracy Pollan?

Anonymous said...

OK, first off all, you should NOT stand behind the bongos and expect anyone to come up with "clean and decent" names..... cough, cough

But here is my serious attempt to help you.... I love the old sitcoms and immediately thought of "Lucy and Ethel" or "Ginger and Mary Ann?"

Uh-oh.... my mind wondered and I thought... "Righty and Lefty?"


Anonymous said...

My first thought was Lucy and Ethel, too!

Anonymous said...

I thought of Lucy too but with Ricky. He was the musical one. lol

How about Cenk and Omar?


Gina said...

Mutt and Jeff

Natalie said...

tamara - very clever with the red idea

heyjoe - all good options...well except the last one. i need to go with something "clean and decent" as witty pointed out!

cheezy - fox...i get it.

witty - you crack me up! and because of the sorry mood i needed that! i do like the ginger and mary ann idea. hmmmm...thinking...

1smileygirl - that seems to be popular and lucy was a redhead!

cathy - i love the whole cenk and omar idea. keeping it turkish!

gina - good idea.

i am still thinking. i figured i would give it a day or two before i decided. there may be some late entries...you never know!

Mike S said...

After I finally shifted my gaze from the foxy lady to said bongos, these came to mind:

Pro & Zac
Val & Liam
(because they're anti-depresants)

Frick & Frack
Thelma & Louise
Redd Fox & LeRoy
Fox & Hound
Ruff & Reddy

Natalie said...

mike - i am loving the whole val and liam idea! they are definitely a theraputic thing for me. i would have to say that so far that's the best suggestion yet!

heyjoe - um...i am hoping beyond hope that you meant your question in a completely "clean and decent" way. i am going to delete it regardless because i have entirely too many readers that would be offended just in case you didn't mean it in the "clean and decent" way, and i have to keep the masses happy!

HeyJoe said...

Of course I meant it in a clean and decent way. What do you take me for? :)

Natalie said...

joe - of course you did. of course!

Kerri said...

i'm just trying to get my mind around you playing bongos until your hands are sore. so so so funny to me. do you make a 'groove' face? do you bop your head around? :) i really hope so.

Natalie said...

kerri - hmmmm...do i make a groove face? not if anyone is watching i don't! i usually play them when i am alone to keep from having to share them! i bop my head around anytime any music is on so yeah...i probably do!

Tamara said...

I'm thinking you now need a black turtleneck and maybe even a black beret, a la Mike Myers in "So I Married An Axe Murderer".

Natalie said...

tamara...i know. i would look so good in a black turtleneck and beret. so hip and cool. i might not be able to stand being in the room with myself!