Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Giving in...

In a recent post I talked about the pros and cons between mall snacks in America and mall snacks in Turkey. Actually that isn't really true...I just talked about them. No pros. No cons. Just the cold hard facts. In America...we eat a Double Doozie cookie from Great American Cookie Co. That is just what we do. We might have a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon, or an ice cream from Marble Slab. There is also the option of having a hot buttered pretzel from Auntie Anne's. And that is the healthy choice of the mall snack food options.

In Turkey there are various snack food stands as well. The most prolific one is the Cup-O-Corn stand. On Sunday we went to the mall for lunch as has become habit for us. After eating a nice big lunch we were headed out. We had to pass the Cup-O-Corn stand. And I just couldn't stand the fact that I had never given in to that "I-need-me-a-Cup-O-Corn!" craving. So I gave in. I bought a cup. I had many options for seasonings, but decided to take it easy with my first cup. I chose butter and salt. It was all I thought it would be. Hot. Buttery. Salty. Delicious.

Brian who was walking in front of me and hadn't realized I stopped at the Cup-O-Corn stand turned around to see me taking a bite of my corn. He just shook his head in disbelief. We had just eaten. And it was just corn. Why on earth would you spend $2 on a dadgum cup of corn? I tried to give him a bite. He wouldn't even try it. Wouldn't let his taste buds be treated to the buttery, golden corn deliciousness. I refused to give in to his Cup-O-Corn mockery. I savored the flavor...every last kernal.

And just to show that I'm not a Cup-O-Corn snob...this is the snack food I chose to eat while I was in a mall in America. Did you know that you can special order your Double Doozies? This one...peanut butter cookies with yummy chocolate icing! Brian wouldn't taste this either! Geesh!


Sharon said...

I'm not surprised Brian wouldn't eat the corn since he has an aversion to it. Every time I have a popcorn kernel stuck in my tooth, I think 'maybe Brian is on to something'. Silly, I know, but he always makes such a big deal about NOT eating popcorn that it is triggered in my brain every time I do!

Gina said...

Aw...hot buttered corn...can't eat it on the cob, but a nice fresh 'cup o corn' sounds delicious!! My mom always added a little sugar as well while it was cooking. What other seasonings do they offer??

Natalie said...

Sharon - Brian likes regular corn, but refuses to pay for a cup of it. He thinks it is the craziest idea to sell corn by the cup in a mall stand. I reminded him of Dippin' Dots...whose crazy idea was that? And what exactly was it? You are right about the popcorn though...refuses because he doesn't want to find pieces of it stuck in his teeth a week later. Oh well...he's just missing out.

Gina - The only other flavor I noticed was Parmesan. Because I stopped to buy the corn while everyone else kept walking I didn't have time to look at the menu very closely. I've heard they have chocolate and caramel flavors as well. Sounds kinda gross to me!

Anonymous said...

I followed you over from The Pioneer Woman because you and I share the same name and I've decided that instead of wondering who you are, I would come and see!

I take it you are in Turkey, and a cup o corn sounds delicious!

I always special order my doozies. Omygosh the are so sinful and gooood!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just started reading your blog. Love it. I was in Turkey this summer and went to the malls several times. Do you realize that I longed to try that cup of corn every time I was there. I felt the same way you did. I, unfortunately, never gave in to the temptation. I am glad I got to experience it through you. Thanks. btw - I loved Turkey and don't think I would have a problem moving there either.

Gina said...

HA!! "Caramel corn"!! Don't think that would taste too good unless it was the 'popped' kind. Guess I'll have to be sure and try that next time I'm over there. (the corn, but not with caramel on it)

Natalie said...

hey natalie! great name! thanks for coming to visit...i love having visitors! and yes...the cup-o-corn was delish! i will try another flavor next time and let you know how it is. and well...there's just nothing like a doozie. but you know that!

cathy - i'm glad you could vicariously experience the cup-o-corn through me. i'll be sure to try a different flavor next time. and welcome to the blog. i'm glad you're here! you know if you visit turkey again i'll be sure to take you to have a cup-o-corn of your very own!

gina... caramel corn...me neither, sister!