Saturday, February 09, 2008

A serious question

If you were on a deserted island and could only have three things with you what would you choose and why?

Will's answer...
a satellite phone that never loses it's charge.
a monkey suit so that he can fool the monkeys so they won't attack him.
scuba gear

Brian's answer...
giant diamond ax that has been cut in such a way so that it can also be used as a magnifying glass
fishing hooks and line
a study bible - the extra pages could come in handy

Adam's answer...
elf-enchanted, spring-loaded harpoon gun so he can shoot fish (or monkeys if they try to attack him)
set of pots

Jacob's answer...
boat so he can try to get off the island
ax for chopping down wood
knife to get food with

Anna Grace's answer
a cell phone
a big red tent
a boat

And I'm still thinking.


Brian said...

My answer:
I probably went to the deserted island on purpose, so...
-The Magic Bud Light fridge from last year's super bowl commercial
-A solar powered dune buggy to go cruisin up and down the beach
-A 500 gb mp3/video player filled up with all my favorite stuff

Brian said...

And of course my mp3 player has a car charger that I can charge it back up with my solar powered dune buggy.

Natalie said...

brian - hmmm...i don't know this magic bud light fridge you speak of. having lived overseas for the past 6 years has limited my commercial watching. of course we were in the states during all of football season last year, but we left the sunday before the superbowl. i may have to search for a youtube video clip to see what i think. i agree with the mp3 player though. i don't think i could survive without music. and well...the dune buggy sounds pretty nice too. i guess i should really decide what i want to have with me. i need to be prepared just in case. one never knows when one might be stranded.