Friday, February 29, 2008

Shoes, glorious shoes!

While playing the Newlywed game a few weeks ago the guys were asked this question.

How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?

They had to answer and be within two pairs of what their wives would say.

Then the ladies were ushered in. We started around the circle. I was hearing things like 8, 7, 10 from the other girls. I started to sweat. I had quite a few more pairs than that! I knew it. And I knew Brian knew it. When it was my turn I said, "20, but that is probably playing it safe". Brian's answer...20...but that is probably on the conservative side. Yes!

Since I wasn't sure how many pairs I actually had I decided to line them up and count them today. Now this picture is missing the pair I gave to a friend last Saturday, and the pair I let Erica have because she actually wore them and I didn't.

Grand Total - 24. That wasn't as bad as I thought. Considerably less than when I was in America. Here we don't have closets so I have less space to actually put shoes. I've scaled back some. I know...good for me!

Now I must say this...I have never worn the black heels on the bottom right. I bought them just in case I needed a dressy pair of shoes to go with a skirt I haven't ever worn either. One never knows when one might have to dress up in this culture. So far I have done an excellent job avoiding that! Also, some of you might not consider flip flops shoes, but since that is all I put on my feet in the summer I counted them. Three other pairs of these shoes haven't ever been worn either, but that's because I just got them while I was in the states at Christmas and the weather here hasn't been conducive for light footwear.

I also must admit that I have purchased, worn, and then given away countless other pairs of shoes in the last 6 years...since I've been in Turkey. I would say at least 10. What can I say? I'm a giver!

(My wonderful running shoes are the second ones from the left in the middle row.) (When we were in the states for three weeks at Christmastime we bought 18 pairs of shoes. 6 of them were for me.) (Hello, my name is Natalie, and I am shoe-aholic.)


Anonymous said...

Natalie- Is there a partner group for shoe-aholics? I am living with two at the moment. My feeling is this, when you have more shoes than you are old... it is time for a Goodwill trip. I have 1 good pair of running shoes, 1 pair of shoes for sloppy work like washing the car, 1 pair of cowboy boots, 1 pair of dress shoes, and 1 pair of moccasins. Grand total 5 pair of shoes... Does that make me shoe inadequate?

Natalie said...

witty - do you realize that you just gave me permission to buy 14 more pairs of shoes? i am 38! maybe i won't mind getting older if that means i can add another pair of shoes to my collection! and yes, girl you are totally shoe inadequate! someone needs to take you shopping! (i looked at the cowboy boots when i was in texas in december, but couldn't justify buying them. i would stand out here for sure in a pair of those!)

Q said...

Is it weird that I own more pairs of shoes than you?

Sharon said...

What I think is funny is that almost all your shoes are lace-ups. I own at least as many pair as you, probably more--I'm too lazy to get up and go count--but most of mine would fall in the cutesy, girly category. Lots of heels and strappy sandals, and yes I can wear the heels to work for 8 hours and they don't bother me.

Anonymous said...

number of shoes > my age + 10 (at least)

Most of my shoes are not lace-up. In fact, many of my shoes don't have backs (I am lazy and like slip-ons).

I have lots of sandals, lots of Birkenstocks, lots of girly shoes, lots of wedges and platforms (I'm short).

I have no problem, or embarassment, with being a shoeaholic. Really. And I've been looking for a pair of shoes to buy myself for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

When that movie "In Her Shoes" came out and she said something like "Clothes never look good... shoes always fit." I thought, that is so me!

Anonymous said...

LOL- As long as it is not my dime or on my time.... shop away my friend, shop away....

I hate shopping for shoes with my two girls.... Abbie is way worse than Melissa even, and has to try on no less than 20 pairs, before she decides the first pair she tried on are the ones she likes the best! GIRLIE GIRLS, give me headaches!

** Special note to Brian, I feel your pain!**

Natalie said...

q - well...after reading some of your stuff...nope i am not surprised that you own more shoes than me. is it weird...well...nope. i'm sure anderson cooper has more pairs than you do. i wonder what size he wears. maybe you guys can share shoes!

sharon - well...you know me. girly strappy sandals and heels...not unless i have to!

1smileygirl - hmmm...and we don't know how old you are. i honestly thought that i had more than 24 pairs of shoes, but like i said i really don't have room for more. i have given away several pair that i bought here as well. they just aren't made as well so they aren't as comfortable when compared to the american shoes i own. they would just get shoved way under the bed. when i cleaned and found them i decided that i didn't need to keep them. and we see quite a few refugees around here so it was easy to find them a home.

witty - well...let me just say two things. i haven't been accused of being a girlie girl in a long time. that is something i have definitely grown out of! having a residual obsession with shoes is only natural my friend. believe me...it could be worse...i could have an obsession with socks. oh wait, i have that too. oh well. and brian...well i'm not going to go count his shoes but i can guarantee he has more than you do. guarantee!

Mentanna said...

two things...

one, when you were visiting, you promised to leave me some shoes behind. liar!

two, i was packing yesterday for my trip to the states and realized that i had to wear something dressy. guess what? i have not one pair of dress shoes. i have one pair of brown casual shoes. one pair of black. and tennis shoes. (sandals in each color too) i am shoe deficient. now if we were to talk about coats...

Natalie said...

mentanna - one - the shoes i would have left behind wouldn't have done anything to solve your dressy shoe dilemma. and they are about to be given to the refugees because i never ever ever wear them.
two - you forgot to mention your neon orange running shoes, unless those are the tennis shoes you were talking about.
coats...well i have quite a few of those as well. but i really don't like my collection. i need a leather jacket something fierce. i need one.