Sunday, February 17, 2008

The reason for the sunny wishful thinking...

For the past two days it has been snowing. It is beautiful. Really. I look out my window and see the snow falling. It is so peaceful and clean. I do love the way it looks. When I see snow like that I wish I was on holiday skiing, or in the mountains at a cabin drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a roaring fire. It all sounds magical and inviting. Then I take a closer look out my window. I see cars sliding up and down the hill in front of our house. I see our van stuck in our parking place because of the snow. I see dogs digging through trash trying to find a bite to eat. I see the road I have to skate up to get to the closest store. Then I think about sliding down the hill trying to get back home. Then I look in my entryway and I see puddles of melted snow and mud spreading from discarded shoes. I hear kids complaining, because they are bored, and it is too cold to go outside. I do love the snow. Just not everyday. Just not all the time.

Brian and Adam hanging out in the snow.

Me and Brian...waiting on a ride. Why?

Because this van, this tin can of a van managed to move out of one parking place only to get stuck. Brian and Adam were able to pull it back into an adjacent spot after about 45 minutes of work. Notice...there are chains on the tires. It didn't make a bit of difference.

Still. It looks pretty. It really does.


Anonymous said...

It does look pretty! Our snow lately has been lasting about a day before turning into a muddy, slushy mess. I would love more snow, more often. But then again, I don't have to drive anywhere.

Gina said...

I just wish we would get snow instead of ICE!! Or cold rain....I would much rather see snow. I like the picture of you and Brian because you can actually see the snow falling.

Natalie said...

1smileygirl - it really is pretty. i have to remind myself of that! and i don't drive either so the van being stuck really only affects me if i want to be driven somewhere. thank goodness for public transportation. the buses are all still running! and it is still snowing today and is supposed to snow for the next two days.

gina - yeah...snow is better than ice for sure. at this point though we just have too much snow. and it's not stopping.

Heather said...

listen here - you tell that snow to get over here to Virginia RIGHT NOW.


I love me some snow (and snow days) and as of right now, we've had none of it.

It was 70 flippin' degrees here today. it hurts my heart.

it looks so pretty.

my dad loved Turkey. I've got some great jewelry from there.

Natalie said...

wishful - i would gladly send the snow your way if i could. i am completely jealous of your weather for sure! but just think...if you had a snow day you would miss out on those fun school conversations with T and frida. i would hate that!

Gina said...

Hey..we are finally supposed to get snow here....AFTER we get ice first.....GEESH!!!