Friday, February 22, 2008

Light and Airy

After my frustrations with postings that I deleted and emails that aren't going anywhere I decided I needed something light and airy on here. Something that I could come back and read later and it would still make me smile. So I decided to make a list. A list of 10 things I've read or heard or seen or done in the last...well forever that have made me laugh out loud or smile that dreamy kind of wishful smile. There have been many more than 10 in the last...well forever...but I am just putting the first 10 I think of...unless I decide it is something I can't share...which I'm sure will happen!

1. Kerri's blog post about one of her kindergarten students writing a journal entry that said,
"once upon a time there was a ducke. he was swimming in a pond. he drownded and nobude nodist." Cracks me up.

2. Brian trying to explain the word fornication. Still makes me laugh and shake my head. For the rest of the story click here.

3. My colorful shoes I bought in America. It is way too cold to wear them now, but I look at them regularly and dream of the day I can put them on. For a picture and a hilarious story about my most wonderful shoes see here.

4. Anna Grace actually bringing home the papers she needed to study for her tests. People this is amazing. Amazing! I don't know if I was more happy or shocked. She never brings anything home and could not care less about how she does in school. The fact that she brought the papers home and then mentioned that she needed to study just about gave me a heart attack. Yep...this should go in the shocked category!

5. The song I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters. I have to dance when I hear it. Even better is watching the video which can be found here. The tight pants alone make me howl...with laughter folks...laughter! Geesh!

6. Using the word geesh knowing what I know.

7. The fact that so many people have googled jello or jello salad and ended up at this blog post which was a cryptic message for the world to read.

8. Chocolate. That's it. It makes me smile.

9. Getting back in bed after everyone has left for school and work and just letting my mind wander as I fall back asleep. (I don't do this everyday...just if I've had a late night. I'm not that lazy. Oh wait...yes, I am...but I still don't do it everyday!)

10. The color red. I enjoy it. I have to smile when I see it. Well...if it's blood I don't smile. But red cars, red clothing, red in the general happy sense of the word. Like the red writing on a Diet Coke bottle. Now that makes me happy...


HeyJoe said...

Re: #3. We bought our daughter those EXACT shoes. They're great. Wear them proudly.

Natalie said...

joe - i will wear them proudly! once the weather warms up my other shoes might be jealous of all the attention these will get!

Crystal DeLong said...

i don't remember this song or the scissors sisters, but it sure did make me smile and feel like dancing. were they a bee gees wannabee? i think the tight pants might help him hit the high notes.

Natalie said...

crystal - i have no idea when this song came out. i guess i could google that. i just know that i discovered it by accident on itunes one day and loved it. my feet have to move when i hear it. and those pants. i wonder if i could sing and dance like that if i wore tight leather pants?