Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Culture...

Because I care. I really do.

A bakery in Turkey. Notice the simits...second shelf from the bottom on the far right. These are also a snack food in Turkey. Not a mall snack food...a street snack food

Simits are also available from Simitci stands which you can find just about everywhere.

And if you can't find a bakery or a Simitci stand you can always buy from one of these guys! They walk the streets selling their wares. You can hear them coming because of the loud booming voices they use to advertise their fresh from the oven simits.

They come in several sizes and are usually pretty hard. They are covered with sesame seeds so they can be pretty messy! And the taste...well it's not sweet and it's not salty. I would say it's a pretty bland thing...but I do love them.

And just because she couldn't resist...so neither could I!


Anonymous said...

Fresh baked Simits are heaven sent. I miss them. :o)

Natalie said...

cathy - i agree. these, unfortunately, weren't fresh at all. they were hard, dry, tasteless rings of nastiness. that's what happens when you buy them after 4pm. next time i'm going early!