Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm a words person. I love words. Sometime when I feel full of words nothing comes out that makes sense. I can't make complete sentences. So I just write words. That is what this post is. This explanation is mainly for all my new readers. Those that know me have experienced my love of words here and here and here. So here are some words that are floating around my head today.

deep, anguish, craving, abysmal, wide, buried, heart-sick, velvet, seasoning, impulsive, choice, indulge, despairing, yearning, spice, wishful, lugubrious, deep-seated, fathomless, clover, command, unrehearsed, preference, euphoric, dispirited, delectation, contented, clarity

But I'm not depressed. Really. Just full of words.


Anonymous said...

I love words too . . . glad I'm not alone . . .

Natalie said...

thanks jill! sometimes words are all i have. welcome to my blog! thanks for reading.