Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Words excite me. What words mean and how we use them to get our point across is thrilling to me. The way the right combination of words makes me feel is something I have trouble putting into my own words. I am often at a loss for words. I know this may seem surprising to those of you who've heard my unending vomit of the mouth at times...but it's true. When I'm in that state I feel completely unable to use my brain to form sentences that make sense....like someone has opened my head and is stirring my thoughts with a long-handled spoon...making them go round and round, mixing them up, until you can't distinguish one from another. That feeling is overwhelming...a word I use a lot. I could say overpowering or mind-boggling, but I like overwhelming. It engulfs me...ooooh...I like that word, too!

Last night I was talking to a friend on the phone. This friend is writing a book...or at least I hope it will one day be a book. Because I have a vested interest in the story she has been sending me bits and pieces as she finishes them...all in rough rough draft form. Amazing...can I say that? Does it really convey all that I feel about this story? Maybe I should say spectacular, wonderful, stupendous...but none of these words explain what I feel she is doing. The characters are close to my heart. Recognizable even. The way she has them interacting with one another...the uncertainty felt in their moments of need, the truth spoken through their actions, the way they stand up for and stick with each other is amazing...phenomenal, remarkable, breathtaking. Again...no words to say what I feel and think. And the marvelment is that she makes me feel all these things with her words... so powerful.

(I have to say that the word marvelment isn't found in my dictionary. I looked it up online after I used it just to see what it said and I couldn't find a definition. I love where I used it and am not changing my sentence because I can't find a proper definition and grammatical explanation. I like what it says. By the way I have dictionary.com on my favorites list on my computer...geeky I know, but again...it's words. And I must say that by adding this long postscript to my original post I feel as though I took away from what I was originally saying...took away from my words. Now that you're done reading this part please reread the original post and walk away.)

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Yep, that would be me today.