Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today's noteworthy news

For breakfast this morning I had a grilled cheese plate. Not a grilled cheese sandwich...just chunks of cheese that were grilled. They weren't all melty...just hot and a little salty. Yum! There was also a side of grilled tomatoes. Again...yum!

Today while Brian and I were in an elevator it stopped between floors. The elevators here have a door that you have to push open once you stop on your floor. Brian wasn't paying attention so when the elevator stopped he pushed the part of the wall that was between the bottom of one floor's elevator door and the top of the other floor's door. I thought I was going to choke to death I was laughing so hard.

My househelper came and cleaned my house today. This is noteworthy, because she didn't come last week without giving me any warning. We do a pretty good job of keeping things picked up, but with all the guests over the last week...it was looking pretty gross around here.

I went to a music school today to see about signing up for some lessons. Brian says we might have to let the househelper go to pay for the music lessons. Hmmmm....I bet I can figure out a way to do both! More on this later.

Only 18 more days until we go to America for Christmas. I can't wait.

Only 18 more days to lose weight before I go to America and eat Pappadeaux's everyday.

Ok...that's it for now.

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becky marshall said...

i'm a little surprised you're not anxiously awaiting pappasitos instead...love cajun, huh??? Are y'all coming to Houston?