Friday, November 02, 2007


This is Jeannie, and she lives across the street from me. She is my movie watching buddy. If she is in the mood to watch a movie or if I am in the mood to watch something we call each other to make a plan. The plan is for that moment or sometime in the next couple of hours...spontaneous movie watching. I love that!

I can also stand on my balcony and see if her bedroom light or office light is on. I have been known to call her at midnight just for fun. Hey, she was awake...her light was on! She has caller id and always knows it's me. She can't hide from me...especially at midnight! She has an apartment mate now so I'll have to think twice about those middle of the night calls...

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Kerri said...

aw. i have a friend like that. she lives above me. if i hear her footsteps, i call. thank god for friendships like that. (rent shadowlands with her... it's the story of c.s. lewis, played by anthony hopkins, and his meeting and falling in love with Joy. TOTAL blubber-fest but a must-see).