Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok...I know I said that I didn't have anything to say, but I can't stand that I haven't posted anything in two days. It bothers me greatly. So here is something I've thought about posting for a few days.

Recently I've decided to make my blog public. I had it listed as private, because I wasn't sure what I thought of random people looking at my blog. But since I am often that random person looking at the blog's of people I don't know I decided to go for it. Now that my blog is public domain I get all kinds of hits on it from places all over the world. In the last 5 days I decided to write down the google search words used to find my blog. Here is the list...

1. Turkey facts for kids/pictures - I'm sure they were looking for thanksgiving turkeys...not the country!
2. Vietnamese ex votos - the only vietnamese thing I have on my blog is food that my friend Liz made one day...and I have no idea what "ex votos" means.
3. Oui wee - I can't even imagine why someone would search for that, but hey...I used those words in my post about our new wii!
4. Konkus in the bonkus - which is backwards but still funny...I said bonkus in the konkus was my favorite way to say I felt crazy.
5. Ramadan drummer - yep...talked about him.
6. simitci - yep...the seller of simits...recent post.

And I'm sure there will be many more in the days to come. I love that. Who knew I would have so much fun reading what people are searching for?


becky marshall said...

that's funny...i never pegged you for an anonymous secret blog stalker before your confession here! ha
happy,happy thanksgiving. do y'all do turkey in turkey?

Natalie said...

Just discovered a new search that ended up hitting my blog...search words...long handled spoon. Hmmmm...think they were looking to buy one?

And yes...we do turkey in Turkey. We are also doing a ham this year thanks to Adam's family! Yum!!!!