Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Our Thanksgiving in Turkey is winding down now. Dinner is over, desserts are eaten, and football is on tv. We decided to divide the meal between two houses. Half of the above group went to one place for dinner and the other half went to another place. After the meal everyone came to our house for dessert...33 people in all! It was fun...and loud! Happy Thanksgiving!


maris said...

wow i never realized there were that many kids:)
it miss pumpkin pie and stuffing. brits don't celebrate thanksgiving;)

Natalie said...

we missed having you here for sure! this was the first time it was all americans and all us (counting the land's in that 'us')...weird! last year we were in the states and the year before that we had hicran and jeff, turkan, you, sumer, the lawrences, teachers, plus a whole bunch of other people. and yeah thanksgiving is an american/canadian holiday but still...the more international the better i say! we'll have to do something about that next year!