Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, I did it.  I met Kerri.  After being email buddies for a month and a half and blog buddies since the end of September we decided it was time to meet.  Actually I happened to be coming to America, and I happened to be only 2 hours from where she lives so I took advantage of it. French Bistros, thrift stores, Starbucks, indie movie watching, meeting friends, and girl's night at a charming old hotel...we had lots of fun!   

I got to meet some of Kerri's friends...people I had read about!  Notice the hookah/nargile on the table and then read below for more on that.

Kerri taking a drag on the hookah/nargile I brought her from Turkey.  We definitely caused a scene in the pub we were in.  Smoking was allowed, but I'm sure they weren't thinking people would bring a hookah in to smoke.  We were asked by one pub patron what we were smoking...cappuccino tobacco all the way from Turkey!

Thanks for the great time!  Next time we'll do Turkey!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Anna Grace

Anna Grace taught herself to ride a bike while we were in the states.  So now we are four for four.  Yes, I am a terrible mother.  I haven't taught any of my kids to ride a bike.  Erica taught herself right before we moved overseas.  The other three have all taught themselves during vacations in America.  

I had to ride as well.  All my parents own are kid bikes, but as you can see I didn't let that stop me!

And here she is...riding like a pro!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The girls

I'm on my new computer...seeing if I could actually add a picture.  It seems to be working.  This picture is for you, Paula!


I feel hunger pains for the first time since I've been in Texas. At first I thought it might just be my stomach saying, 'please don't feed me this morning', but now it is actually growling. I haven't eaten anything yet...just enjoying the feeling.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I am somewhat frustrated that I have so many things to blog about so I am rushing through them. There were stories to tell with all of the pictures I have posted, but in my rush to get them on here I am forgetting the stories. I know I laughed, sometimes until I was crying, but I can't remember what was so funny now. Man. Waiting around to blog...I didn't enjoy it. I finally just added the pictures to my dad's computer so I could start blogging. I couldn't handle a three week break. That means there have been 13 blog posts in the last three days...mostly without the stories. Hmmmm...

Stories to tell...I'll have to sit and think of them. I know there were stories.

Fish Fry

Thursday night we participated in a catfish fry with some good friends. Actually we fried catfish, okra, french fries, and some corn fritter like things. It was all yummy. There were a couple of healthy things too...salad, ummm...surely there were more healthy things...

We had key lime pie and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Nope, not healthy. Oh well...who cares? It was all yummy.

And can I just say I laughed almost the entire time I was there? Seriously these people crack me up. Constantly laughing gives me a headache...just in case you were wondering.

Hand-breaded catfish. Also a diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Just had to include that in the picture!

The guys warming their hands by the grease pot...hmmmm.

Me and Tiffany

Nannette showing off the yummy okra.

Tom...just because he makes me laugh.

For some reason I didn't get a picture of the girls together. Cheri and Terri were there and I have no pictures to prove it. I did take a video that shows the crowd, but since I am not on my computer I can't add it yet. Stay tuned. (We missed you, Paula and Jay!)

Fun with friends

Since arriving in America we have spent time visiting friends. This night we hung out with Brian and Amy. We ate chili and marveled at how yummy saltine crackers are. We can't get them in Turkey so we ate them slowly and savored the flavor. The chili was good too!

Me and Amy

Amy got Anna Grace involved in sugar cookie making. What a great idea!

Having fun

Cooking the cookies


Anna Grace's finished products.

Amy's finished products...a little more experienced obviously!

Tasting the final product. Yummy!

Matt's motorcycle

My brother, Matt, got a motorcycle for his birthday back in October. Of course I had to have a little ride on it while I had a chance. It was fun!

No, I didn't ride it alone. That option was given, but I knew better. I would have crashed it for sure!

Matt gave me a ride. I could get used that that! Someone driving me around...taking me where I want to go. Oh wait...I already do that in Ankara. Well, I must say the old Hyundai van isn't quite as exciting as this mode of transportation!

Fun on the farm

We went to a Christmas tree farm to pick out my parents' Christmas tree.

Jacob standing in the doorway to the men's restroom pretending like he has to go. This was his idea!

What Will came up with...

A family picture

Anna Grace

Erica pretending to be scared because this tree looked like it was falling over. I also got a good picture of Anna Grace pretending to push it while Jacob stood on the other side pretending to try to hold it up. It was my favorite picture, and somehow I messed it up trying to put it on here.

Anna Grace and Erica

Me and Will

Monday, December 24, 2007

What I needed

One of the things I was most looking forward to in coming to Texas was the big blue sky. Winter had barely begun in Turkey, and I was already longing for some sunny skies and warmer weather. I was not dreaming of a white Christmas this year for sure! I knew Houston wouldn't disappoint me! Since arriving I have taken several walks to soak up as much sun as I can while I am here. These pictures were taken on one of those walks.

My parent's new house. Would you look at that sky? I mean...really...sigh. It makes me happy.

A glimpse of the lake through the trees.

I walked through a wooded lot to get to the lake.
More lake and sky.
A footbridge over a little stream.
A covered bridge on the way to the lake.
I am just drinking in the weather, because I know when I get back it will be cold and snowy.


For my Turkish friends.
Yes, they have cowboys in Texas.


We arrived in America on Saturday evening with plans to go to Pappadeaux's for lunch on Sunday. Here are a few pictures of our meal and the company we shared the experience with.

Brian and his crawfish combination plate. He used to get the crawfish platter, but discovered that they have a lunch-sized portion that he can actually finish!

I had the shrimp po-boy. It was good, but I must say that the recipe had changed some. I don't do well with change! The next time I go I think I will see if I can order it the old way.

The adult table.

Paul and his raw oysters

Mr. Sonny gave the girls little plastic frogs and told them that they needed to come up with a story to tell him about their frogs adventures. Here they are recounting those adventures.

Erica and Nicole...doing something.

There was also a boys' table, but I never took a picture of them for some reason.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My new shoes

Since I have been back in America I have purchased 4 pairs of shoes. Yes, four. I love shoes. Cute, comfortable shoes...there's nothing like them. Yesterday I was wearing the pair of shoes you see pictured below. Yes, I paid money for these. I love them. LOVE THEM!!!!

While wearing these shoes Brian and I went on a little lunch date to Pappadeaux's. At one point I excused myself to go to the restroom. Upon arriving in the restroom I went into the only stall of the two that wasn't occupied. As soon as I sat down to...ahem..."go" this voice called out to me from the other stall.

Voice: I don't know who you are, but I love your shoes.
Me: Thanks, I just bought them at Payless. (and then I actually held my foot closer to her stall so she could get a better look.)
Voice: Well, I love them. They look like kid shoes...really mod. How much were they?
Me: I don't remember. Somewhere between $15 and $20 I think.
Voice: Well if they are from Payless they probably weren't more than $20. I am going to go buy me some when I get back to Austin.
Me: You should. They are really comfortable.

She flushed, washed her hands and left the restroom. I never saw her face. When I finished...ahem..."going" I washed my hands and left the restroom. As I walked back through the restaurant I tried to see if I could figure out who she was. I couldn't. I guess I will never know.

Side note and a question...
When this voice started talking to me I froze. I couldn't actually...ahem..."go" while someone was talking to me. It seemed rude somehow. Like talking with your mouth full. Is talking to your friendly neighbor who you don't know in the stall next to you while peeing acceptable? I think not. Some of you might ask if she was...ahem..."going" while she was talking to me. I don't think so. I think she was already done when she spoke up.

Scribbit is holding a contest about shoes...and writing so I am entering this post. Not sure how good the writing is, but it makes me laugh every time. Ah...the memories! And the prize is actually from Payless...the awesome store these shoes came from! You can't get any better than that!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


One of the things Will has mentioned numerous times lately is his desire for a Roy Williams' Cowboys' jersey. He mentioned it to my dad once on the phone so guess what he got for a belated birthday present when we arrived in America...you guessed it...the desired jersey. He has since said that it is one of the best presents he's ever gotten. Wow.

I think he has worn this jersey over his clothes everyday since he got it!