Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas!

In about 14 hours we will be leaving our house for the airport to begin our journey to America. This will be the last blog post (I think) until we arrive and have something blogworthy to say. I will have my camera with me on the trip back, and knowing me I'm sure I will find something interesting to take a picture of. It might only be interesting to me...but hey it is my blog so I'll blog about what I want!

And speaking of what interests me, my wonderfully sweet husband gave me my Christmas gift early, because he didn't want to try to bring it to America and then back to Turkey. Here I am with my bongos! Ok...gotta go play with my new toy!


Kerri said...


happy travels!

Gina said...

Bongo away!!

Natalie said...

From Natalie Zaunbrecher (Austin)

You look so beautiful!!!

I hope you're having fun in Houston.