Friday, December 21, 2007


Just a note to tell you that I want to blog. I have many things to share. I just don't have any way to put pictures with my stories yet. I ordered a new computer and am waiting for it to show up. Not very patiently I might add. Until it does blogs will be scarce. I will tease you with topics I hope to blog about in the near future though...

one of us got glasses
bike riding
nature trails
christmas tree farm
cookie decorating
new shoes
fish frys

Ok...so they don't sound that exciting, but they will be...they will be.


Bteacher99 said...

Here's my guesses: if "one of us" is a grown-up, it's Brian with the glasses; if it is a kid, it's Erica. Will wait to see if I'm right. I DO know I am still waiting to hear all about Papadeux's. You built it up so much :)

Gina said...

Did you do all those activities in ONE day??