Monday, December 24, 2007


We arrived in America on Saturday evening with plans to go to Pappadeaux's for lunch on Sunday. Here are a few pictures of our meal and the company we shared the experience with.

Brian and his crawfish combination plate. He used to get the crawfish platter, but discovered that they have a lunch-sized portion that he can actually finish!

I had the shrimp po-boy. It was good, but I must say that the recipe had changed some. I don't do well with change! The next time I go I think I will see if I can order it the old way.

The adult table.

Paul and his raw oysters

Mr. Sonny gave the girls little plastic frogs and told them that they needed to come up with a story to tell him about their frogs adventures. Here they are recounting those adventures.

Erica and Nicole...doing something.

There was also a boys' table, but I never took a picture of them for some reason.

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