Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good eats.

In Turkey the idea of sharing food with your neighbors is still very much alive. What is different from the America of old is the kind of foods that are shared. In America, back in the day, people brought cakes, apple pie, cookies, homemade bread...things of that sort to share with their neighbors. Here things are a little different.

Brian was gone from Saturday morning until this afternoon. 4 days and 3 nights away from home. In one of the homes he visited he was given some food gifts to bring back to share with us. Here are pictures of what he brought home.
Tursu...or pickled...vegetables. Everyone's recipe is different. This is basically many different vegetables all pickled together. I actually love this! Sometimes it is spicy which is my favorite!
Here I've pulled out a few recognizable vegetables for you to see. Starting at the top left...a carrot slice, a cucumber, a plum, an eggplant, and a tomato. Now I have to say I have never had pickled eggplant or pickled plums. The funny thing is that most all of it tastes pretty much the same...just the texture is different. There were also bits of cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, and peanuts in the mix.
This is a small trash can 3/4 full of homemade yogurt. Yes, they make yogurt from scratch here. I actually buy plain yogurt to have on hand all the time, and we just finished the last of what we had yesterday. There are several really yummy things you can do with yogurt, but I have never had so much at one time. I think that tomorrow morning for breakfast I will mix jam with some of it for the kids for breakfast.
Oh, and now that I think about it I guess we did share similar things back in the day. I know my grandmother made homemade sweet pickles and jellies and gave them out. She also gave out canned vegetables from her garden. I wish someone would give us some homemade creamed corn like my grandmother used to make. Now that would be yummy!

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