Saturday, December 08, 2007

Party till you drop.

Will's birthday celebration continued today with a pizza party at our house. Originally we were going to do a pizza party at the military base in town and then have a rousing game of flag football. Unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate this week. After raining everyday this past week we decided to forego the flag football for some games at home. We played the pass the orange using only your neck game, a remember what you saw game, and the name game. The boys had fun, and I was tired when all was said and done.

Will and Jacob passing an orange using only their necks.

Mason and Josh passing the orange.

Will a.k.a. "panties" and Josh a.k.a. "happy place" have fun playing the name game.
Mason and Sam...
Will enjoying all the money he found in his birthday cards!
One of Will's favorite presents. Two kids' families have base access and they knew that Will loved Dr. Pepper. I told Will he didn't even have to share.

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Happy Birthday...Turkish style!

By the end of the party Will wasn't feeling well. He had come home from basketball practice complaining about having a headache and his throat hurting. He added a jacket about halfway through the party, and by this picture was feeling really weak and had a 102.4 temperature. Hmmmm....glad we exposed all those kids to whatever he was coming down with!

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Gina said...

Sounds like the time we went to Chicago to visit my sister, and Ashley caught the chicken pox while we were there, but did not know until after we went to the mall to see Winnie The Pooh at Sears. Yep...I've always wondered how many other kiddos came down with chicken pox that week!!