Friday, December 14, 2007

To squat or not

While at breakfast this morning I took a little trip to the restroom. I really didn't need to go, but because I had used this restroom before I knew how fancy it was. I had to take a video of the toilet! This is to show all of you who are scared to visit, because you are worried about having to use squatty potties that Turkey does have normal toilets as well! I also took a picture of the sink. This is one bathroom where the only things you have to touch are the toilet paper and yourself! The sink starts automatically and water pours over the glass plate. The paper towel dispenser releases the perfect amount of towel to dry your hands on.

I was talking quietly in the video, because I worried what people would think about the crazy American talking to herself in the stall! Thankfully the stall was completely enclosed by a floor to ceiling wall and door...but still!

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To compare this toilet with a squatty see the post here.


Anonymous said...

I could use one of those here at the BSU


Lisa said...

I wouldn't recommend it for a BSU. I could see some contests on who could keep balance as the seat rotated.

Gina said...

I can't watch the video here at work, but from the comments it sounds VERY interesting!! Much more exciting than your normal 'squatty potty'!!

Anonymous said...

That's incredible...never seen a toilet do that before. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time in America and a Merry Christmas.