Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fish Fry

Thursday night we participated in a catfish fry with some good friends. Actually we fried catfish, okra, french fries, and some corn fritter like things. It was all yummy. There were a couple of healthy things too...salad, ummm...surely there were more healthy things...

We had key lime pie and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Nope, not healthy. Oh well...who cares? It was all yummy.

And can I just say I laughed almost the entire time I was there? Seriously these people crack me up. Constantly laughing gives me a headache...just in case you were wondering.

Hand-breaded catfish. Also a diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Just had to include that in the picture!

The guys warming their hands by the grease pot...hmmmm.

Me and Tiffany

Nannette showing off the yummy okra.

Tom...just because he makes me laugh.

For some reason I didn't get a picture of the girls together. Cheri and Terri were there and I have no pictures to prove it. I did take a video that shows the crowd, but since I am not on my computer I can't add it yet. Stay tuned. (We missed you, Paula and Jay!)

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Gina said...

I guess I can't imagine having a 'fish fry' in Missouri during December; mainly because whoever ended up cooking would get quite cold! But that okra sure does look good!!!