Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am cold.

Our house is cold. Our heater keeps shutting off. I have no idea why, but it is driving me crazy. I need Brian to call the guy to come fix it so he can schedule it to happen when he is at home. The heater repairman has very little respect for women. Actually he doesn't seem to have much respect for Brian either, but they at least have the whole guy thing in common.

A few pictures of our situation. We have a heating unit that we control. We decide how warm we want it to be. The great thing about it is that as soon as it gets cold we can turn on our heat. If the weather warms back up we can turn it off. Many of our friends have heating units that are controlled by the building manager. They can turn their radiators off if they get too hot, but if it gets too cold they just have to wait until the powers that be turn them on. Notice the little reddish orange light on ours. That means it has turned itself off. Again!

This is how I was dressed in our house today. It was freezing because our heater wouldn't stay on. Notice that Brian had on just a long sleeve shirt. He thought it felt fine.

This is how I looked when we visited our friends tonight. They have building controlled heat. It felt so nice to be able to take off my jacket. Notice Brian's rolled up sleeves and opened shirt...ok...he opened his shirt just for the picture, but he did roll his sleeves up for real.

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maris said...

gosh, that stupid kombi bothered you for ages. but hang in there six more months and it's gonna be summer:)
hehehe... i know that wall color and the apron behind you:)