Thursday, December 06, 2007


Something that has popped up everywhere here in the last 6 months. Corn stands. Basically you buy a cup of whole kernal corn and season it with any number of spices or flavored butters. We were at the mall last night, and I decided I wanted to take a picture of a corn stand. Brian approached the guys working there and tried to explain to them why I wanted a picture. And really...why would I want a picture? Only to blog about it. But how do you tell that to two Turkish guys working hard at selling said corn? He tried to explain that our friends in America would love to hear about corn stands. They would find it oddly appealing...selling cups of corn as a snack. It is a healthy alternative to what Americans normally purchase when they are walking through the mall and decide to have a snack...a cookie from Great American Cookie Co. Basically, like the corn they serve, he buttered them up so I can serve them to you. Get your hot, fresh, cup-o-corn blog post here!

(Maybe they have corn stands in America, and I am just clueless...wouldn't be the first time!)

For more on the Cup-O-Corn stands see this more recent post!


Tamara said...

They have corn stands in the Valley, and in some parts of San Antonio. They are very popular in towns along the Mexican border. Interesting to find they're popular in another part of the world!

Gina said...

No corn stands in Missouri that I know of! But we have Dippin' Dots!

Anonymous said...


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