Monday, December 03, 2007

College Memories

When I go to America in 12 days one of the things I am most looking forward to is having a roommate reunion in Waco. I lived with Kristen, Lauren, and Mentanna my junior and senior years of college. Lauren still lives in Waco so Kristen and I are planning to go for a little visit. Sadly, Mentanna won't be able to make it. I guess living in France makes traveling to Waco a little difficult. Oh well...we'll remember her in spirit for sure!

I have some fun memories of college with these girls. Once Mentanna dressed up like a Spanish lover complete with a drawn on mustache. Kristen put on a red and black polka-dot dancing dress, and they proceded to pose in all sorts seductive ways. So funny! Another time Mentanna took her mattress off her bed and used it to slide down the stairs. I don't remember if anyone else actually tried it, but I do know that we almost wet our pants from laughing so hard. The best part was the mattress getting stuck on a step and Mentanna continuing to go down the stairs. One time when Lauren was doing laundry in the community apartment laundry room someone stole all of her underwear out of the dryer. She went to get her clothes out of the dryer, and all of her panties were missing. We were thinking that someone with a fetish for college girl panties had taken them. The next day the doorbell rang and there was a frozen block of ice and panties. The guys next door had taken them just for fun. There are so many more memories I could share, but I will just share some pictures of my roommates and the boys next door. Apartment living at it's finest!

Lauren sitting on my bed in our apartment.

Mentanna and Gidget relaxing in our living room.

Kristen studying hard!

Bart...one of the boys next door...at his house. I'm not sure why I have a picture of him sitting on his bed talking on the phone, but here it is.

Kevin and Mike...more boys next door...having fun in the apartment swimming pool. Notice the people in the background not paying a bit of attention to the fact that there is a canoe in the pool.
And finally...I had to share a picture of the four of us together. This was taken in the spring of 1996. I had two kids by this point; Kristen and Lauren were both pregnant; and Mentanna...well she was looking good compared to the rest of us! (I know what you are thinking Mentanna, and I so totally agree!) The last time the 4 of us were together was at Mentanna's wedding about a year and a half after this picture was taken. I can't believe we haven't all been together since then. That was 10 years ago. Mentanna, are you sure you can't make it to Waco over Christmas? Man...


maris said...

i must say you look much younger now. Is it Turkey that gave you your youth back? ;)

Natalie said...

honestly...derya...i think i was so busy having kids and trying to be a proper lady that i didn't think too much about the fact that i looked like a frump. definition...frump - a girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable

once my kids got older and didn't need quite as much help with things i guess i got bored and started thinking about what i looked like. and that was a frump! and of course turkey helped too...the european styles were so fashion forward compared to america! my options here were to look youthful and gorgeous or like a teyze! i chose the former! still working on the gorgeous part!

maris said...

you definitely don't look like a teyze and there is no work needed of the gorgeous part:)

Mentanna said...

i must have missed the memo on how to dress for our little reunion back in 96. but then again, i could have searched my closet, all my friends' closets and every store in dfw and still not found a dress quite like the ones you all were wearing...