Monday, December 10, 2007


Updates from the week...

1. Our heater was fixed. We had the guy scheduled to come out at 2pm on Saturday when Brian would be home, but he showed up at 11:30 instead so he had to deal with me...or I had to deal with him. He was nicer than normal, but I still felt stupid. At one point he was telling me to "petek bakibilirmisin?" I kept trying to figure out the word petek. I knew that he wanted me to look at something, but what in the heck is a petek. He finally pointed at the radiator. I felt it and it was cold. Ok...I thought those were called "kalorifer"...that's what we call them. The next time he asked me to check it I knew what he meant by petek. I have since looked up the word petek in my Turkish/English dictionary and it has four meanings.
1. honeycomb
2. disk-shaped piece of cheese opium
3. the part of the minaret between the seref and the kulah
4. granary made of mud.
Nothing about a radiator! Ok then...I guess a radiator has a sort of honeycomb appearance. Man!

2. Will is still sick. He missed school today and will be home again tomorrow. He threw-up after taking medicine this morning, and since then has only eaten bread. At 6:45 he said 'goodnight' and went to bed. Poor kid!

3. I think I need to retake 6th grade science. Will's teacher was nice and sent homework home so he doesn't get behind while he is sick. One of the things he needed to do was read two sections of chapter 6. I read part of it to him since he wasn't feeling well. I had no idea what it was talking about.

4. I am almost done with my one year bible. I stuck it out! I can't believe it. I will finish it by Friday so that I don't have to take it with me to America.

5. We go to America on Saturday. That's only 5 days away! What should I pack? Hmmmm...bring clothes or buy new?


Gina said...

Bring just a few with you, and buy more when you get here!!

becky marshall said...

If you're coming to Houston, don't pack a coat. it's 80 degrees here today. UG...i'll take your broken petek and colder weather any old day. merry Christmas!!