Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Liz!

In honor of Liz's 27th birthday we spent the weekend partying. Friday night was a dance party at Murphy's. There were 18 people celebrating Liz!

Jalah, Kim, Jenna

Liz hating the salsa music they insisted on playing the first hour we were there! When they were finally finished with the salsa they broke out some good dance music. Venus by Bananarama got us to our feet and on the dance floor. Then Justin brought sexy back, and we boogied.

Hannah Lee, Jeff, Eric, and Hicran

Tammy, Rachel, and Seth

Crystal and me

Wendy and Liz


Gina said...

What? No dancing pics or videos?? I'm disappointed!!

Natalie said...

i know. there were dancing videos...but it was so dark nothing showed up. you can hear the great music though! and the one picture i took of everyone dancing was blurry. oh well...i always have my memories...