Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, I did it.  I met Kerri.  After being email buddies for a month and a half and blog buddies since the end of September we decided it was time to meet.  Actually I happened to be coming to America, and I happened to be only 2 hours from where she lives so I took advantage of it. French Bistros, thrift stores, Starbucks, indie movie watching, meeting friends, and girl's night at a charming old hotel...we had lots of fun!   

I got to meet some of Kerri's friends...people I had read about!  Notice the hookah/nargile on the table and then read below for more on that.

Kerri taking a drag on the hookah/nargile I brought her from Turkey.  We definitely caused a scene in the pub we were in.  Smoking was allowed, but I'm sure they weren't thinking people would bring a hookah in to smoke.  We were asked by one pub patron what we were smoking...cappuccino tobacco all the way from Turkey!

Thanks for the great time!  Next time we'll do Turkey!


Kerri said...

thank YOU for coming and trusting me with your life! i could have been a 60 year old serial killer. glad you stepped outside the box and took a chance! :)

i can't wait for our turkey reunion. every girl in that picture will probably be joining me.

Natalie said...

i was telling my roommates from college that i went to visit a girl in dallas that i had met online and one of them said, "that doesn't surprise me a bit. that is so natalie!"

oh...and thanks for not being a 60 year old serial killer. that would've sucked.