Wednesday, October 18, 2006

South Carolina

Brian and I were priviledged to spend several days last week in Lexington, South Carolina. We went to a conference at Lexington Baptist Church and ended up getting much more than we ever anticipated. Our host family, Bryan and Cindy Herring, was great! They are big Clemson Tiger fans as the following pictures will show. A fellow conference attendee told me that when she moved to SC she was told she had to decide if she was going to be a South Carolina fan or a Clemson fan. It was true! We were only there 5 days, and we, too, had to make that choice! Of course it was much easier because of who we were living with!
. I had to take a picture the second day we were with the Herrings because for the second day in a row they were dressed in Clemson clothing! Notice the paw prints on the pants! That night we went to a family member's television store and watched the Clemson game on a big screen TV. They won 63-9! At least we chose a winning team! The chairs, plates, and cups were all orange! Their great niece was also there dressed as a Clemson cheerleader!

The next night I took a picture of the Herrings and Brian who was wearing as close to orange as he wanted. Being a Baylor alumni it was a major step to wear burnt orange, but he figured it was closer to Clemson's colors than green and gold.

Not satisfied with the burnt orange, Bryan Herring bought Brian a Clemson shirt and cap to wear the next day! It only took three days to win him over!

While we were driving around on Saturday afternoon we saw a stand that sold boiled peanuts. I mentioned to Cindy that one of the guys on our team in Turkey loves boiled peanuts and even got some in a package that he shared with us. That night for a snack she made some for us to try...fresh, hot, boiled peanuts anyone? These pictures are for you, Patrick!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I keep thinking about needing to write a new blog, but the problem is I am not in town. I can write a blog from out of town obviously, but we have been really busy so I haven't had the time to do it. We actually go home tomorrow, Oct. 15, and I have plans for a blog. It will have pictures. So for now I leave you with what we call an OOB in Turkey. An OOB is what we send in to our supervisors when we go out of town. OOB stands for Out of Bed.

Who - Brian and Natalie
Where - Lexington, South Carolina
Dates - October 11-15
Why - M conference
How can I be reached? (insert telephone number here) I don't want everyone in cyberspace to know my phone number so I won't insert it myself!

Stay tuned for pictures from Lexington!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was reading the newspaper this morning and saw a picture of this yummy fruit basket. I looked them up online and was really impressed with how pretty these baskets look. They even had a veggie version. I guess this is the health conscience person's version of the cookie bouquet! One could do this himself if one wanted...Abby, next time someone tells you to bring the fruit this is what I expect to see! No fruit on toothpicks allowed! And so I don't get in trouble for taking these pictures from someone else's website I'll tell you where I found them! www.fruitflowers.com and www.gourmet-cookie-bouquets.com. I don't know anyone who works at these places...I'm just impressed with their artistic abilities!
I think they almost look too good to eat! I said almost....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Did you know...

Did you know...

CSI is currently filming in 15 different cities including Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. CSI:Waco coming to a television near you!

Everything really is bigger in Texas. The mosquitos look like small birds!

You seldom get asked to read your bible in church if all you carry is a Turkish bible.

The restaurant service industry expects you to complain so they replace foods that look too well done or are not substantial enough, and bring refills on drinks before you can even drink 1/3 of them. e.g. "Here are some more pancakes. The others I brought looked too done." "This bloomin' onion is too small. I ordered another one for you."

Watching poker on TV is much more exciting than playing it in real life.

American products such as nacho cheese, bacon bits, peanut butter, crunchy cheetos, and shredded wheat taste better when someone brings them to us in Turkey than they do when we buy them ourselves from the stores here.

You can email your digital photos to Walmart and they will print them in an hour!

Being able to choose from 8 different college football games on TV is not as exciting as Brian thought it would be, and trying to watch all of them at the same time gives his thumb a workout!

A 24 count box of crayola crayons only costs a quarter during back to school sales!

When you have nothing to do and lots of time to do it in going fire ant hunting is a noteworthy event!