Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ready or not...

i am sitting here staring at my computer...thinking of all the things i should be doing instead. i am being lazy. so lazy in fact that i am not even shifting to make capital letters where there should be capital letters. (if you ever get emails from me...this shouldn't be new to you...i don't usually capitalize in them either...and i had to press the shift button to put the parenthesis around this bit of info so i used a little extra effort for you there.)

what i should be doing...washing out the action packers that we will be taking back to the states. they are kept on the balcony and always need rinsing before anything can be put in them. at this point they are still on the balcony collecting dust. i need to start packing for our three week trip to america. we leave in three days and i haven't packed a thing. not a thing. and i haven't even made a list of things i don't want to forget to take with me...which is completely not like me. i may not ever get much of a head start on packing, but i usually have a running list of things i don't want to forget to bring or forget to do before i leave. no list...not even a thought of what should be on that list.

thankfully i didn't plan on doing any christmas shopping here before i leave. i am leaving all present buying for america. i did get one thing for a friend who has never had the privilege of an authentic turkish gift, but other than that...no shopping in turkey. that will make for some fun-filled days after we arrive in houston!

so here i sit. thinking that tomorrow is prayer meeting, and then i am meeting a friend for her wedding dress fitting. on friday i have breakfast plans with friends so that really only leaves today totally free to pack and think about what i need to pack. yet here i sit. it is noon and i still haven't packed a thing. my honest thoughts are...america...they have everything there. i can get new shampoo, hairbrushes, underwear, shoes...if i forget to pack them. it's not like i am going to timbuktu where i might have a harder time finding the stuff i like. i'm sure they have shampoo, hairbrushes, underwear and shoes, but would i even know where to look there? no. can i speak koyra chiini to even be able to ask where those things are? no. (shifting again to tell you that i used a little extra effort to look up the language they speak in timbuktu since i honestly had no idea.) in america target is my friend. i can find everything i need at target. and i know where at least four targets are in proximity to where i will be. and if i can't find what i am looking for i will probably be able to find someone who speaks english to ask.

ok...i'm going now. not to pack. just to get a drink. all this typing has made me thirsty.


Amy said...

back on the juice huh?

Gina said...

I usually pack the day before; while my hubby packs the day he LEAVES!! (okay...maybe he packs a little the day before...but not much!!)