Friday, November 09, 2007

Pictures from downtown

A simitci...seller of simits and other baked breads. You can find soft rolls filled with olives, cheese, or potato; sesame seed covered pretzel like breads...these are simits, and other bread items.

A florist shop...there was a whole row of these. There are fresh cut flowers all over the place downtown. They are very inexpensive. I think I should treat myself to flowers every once in a while...hmmmm....not a bad idea!

I was crossing over the street on a footbridge and decided to take a picture of all the taxis waiting at the light.

Two different restaurants...the top picture shows beef stacked on a spit and the bottom one shows chicken stacked the same way. The meat is sliced off and served on bread like a sandwich or over rice.


Gina said...

I miss simits!! Can't wait to get back to eat some!

Jen512 said...

Isn't that lamb? I've yet to see beef doner, that would be awesome. I'm not a huge fan of lamb.