Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uppers and Downers

This morning I woke up at 5am with a horrible migraine. I felt a headache coming on when I went to bed last night so I took some Tylenol pm thinking that it would get rid of it as I slept. No such luck. So around 6am this morning I decided to take migraine medicine. Brian got up with the kids and took care of breakfasts, lunches, and got them to school. He came in at 8:45 to ask me if I was still going to breakfast with our friends as planned. I made myself get out of bed...mostly headache free...before I made my decision. I felt very out of it, but I had a lot of things to do so I decided I needed to stick with the original schedule. I managed to get dressed and board a bus in my loopy state. At breakfast I ordered a diet coke, hoping that the caffeine would help stimulate my brain! After breakfast Brian and I walked around town some, and then because it was cold and rainy we stopped at Gloria Jean's for coffee. More caffeine. About an hour later I met some friends at a cafe for...yep, you guessed it...coffee...this time Turkish style. By that time I was no longer out of it. I was totally wired. I think I could have run the 5 miles home!

My very pretty caramelatte at Gloria Jean's. Brian says I am looking at him like I don't think he can take a picture. Remember...I had only had a diet coke at this point...still feeling loopy!

My Turkish coffee. Not usually a big fan of this, but this one was really good!

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