Thursday, November 15, 2007

Definition of a Friend

-someone who is sincere in wanting a relationship with me
- will invest time and themselves in my life
- will encourage and influence me in my walk with God
- will trust me to hold in confidence things they tell me and I will be able to do the same with them
- will listen when I want to or need to talk and feel comfortable responding, correcting, and encouraging when appropriate
- able to be relaxed and comfortable talking with me but also comfortable being quiet with me
- someone who will ask the hard questions and expect answers
- pray for me and let me know how they are praying for me

Sometime ago I was asked to write down the things that were important to me concerning friends. The above list is what I came up with then. I think that I would still say that all of that is true for me. There are probably even more things I could add to that list. But I'll just keep it as is at this point. And to the one who I have failed...according to my own definition...I am sorry. You know.


Kerri said...

the being-quiet part is so very important to me. ... when you don't even KNOW you're being quiet. it's just happening and you're totally at ease in each other's quiet presence. that's a nice feeling.

Unknown said...

Yes, all that serious stuff---but from back in our early days I loved that we didn't notice if the other one had laundry on the couch waiting to be folded, combining groceries from our houses to come up with a meal to feed us all, trips to Baskin Robbins, and knowing when I called you while you were in the drive thru at McD's to tell you I was in labor, you'd drop the fries and come right over. :)

Sharon said...

Hey, that was supposed to be "sharon said" not Kevin! He was never in labor!