Thursday, February 21, 2008

If you wondered.

Everyone who saw my "Something I'm Craving" pizza post and then the subsequent "Still Craving" post just forget they ever existed. They have been deleted from the blogosphere due to unfortunate miscommunications.

I can't get good satisfying pizza in Turkey anyway so it really doesn't matter.

For a previous post on my desire for really good pizza and my frustrations with Turkish pizza see here.


Anonymous said...

I did wonder!

Natalie said...

witty - i never delete posts, but i was under the assumption that someone was complaining that i used pictures that didn't belong to me. the complaint was in french and german, and i don't know either language so i decided to just delete the whole post. later i found out that a friend was just messing with me. made me mad...but only because i was already in a bad mood. i hated that i deleted it. frustrated me!

Mike S said...

Have you considered just getting the fixings and making your own? Didn't see the posts, maybe you already do. Homemade are 'custom made' and taste best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are frustrated. I know how that goes! It was a great post, and I came back to see the vending machine and drool.... ;>)

Natalie said...

mike - yeah, i do make my own pizza when i am really craving it. the problem is we can't get pepperoni here and that is my absolute favorite. i do have a small bag of pepperoni in my freezer that a friend brought to me. the craving for good pizza has gotten to the point where i am about to break it out!

witty - i may have to put that vending machine back on here so you and i can both drool over it. it was so pretty.