Monday, February 04, 2008

De-lurker post

I have been reading several someones' blogs recently. Many of them are written by people who are as different from me as night is from day. But, I love that. I love reading other people's perspectives on things. I love reading about things that I have never and will probably never experience. Something about connecting even if it is on a stranger/friend level feels completely satisfying.

In one blog the owner does a yearly de-lurker post. Basically he asks everyone who visits his blog to comment with just a hi, where they are from and how they found his blog. Just to see who all is reading. My readership has gone up quite a bit in the last month. At least doubled from what it was in December. Then I did the interview experiment and for two days I had more numbers than I had ever seen before. Some of them left comments or emails with me or at Be The Boy where my interview was posted. Telling me they would be back. That they enjoyed the blog. So I decided to try a de-lurker post. Just to see who's out there. So if you wouldn't mind...would you please leave me a comment. Just tell me who you are, where you're from and how you found my blog. If you don't I won't come after you. I promise. I am just curious. And you don't ever have to comment again...unless you just can't help yourself...


Neil said...

I think delurking posts are good to do every once in a while, because a lot of the times people just read without commenting, and you're never exactly sure who's coming by. So, hi!

Natalie said...

neil - thanks for commenting on the original boring post begging to know who's out there. i think most were scared away by the sentimentality of it. which is why i decided to go for the witty and clever de-lurking day post. you, my man, weren't swayed by witty and clever. way to stand your ground!