Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dresses, Purses, and First Grade

Today I was getting ready for the wedding reception of a good friend. I put on brown pants and a black shirt. We have friends staying with us this weekend, and one of them asked me what I planned to wear to the wedding. I looked down at my clothes and told her that I was already wearing what I planned to wear. She was going to wear a skirt. If you know me at all you know that I have a slight...ok major...aversion to wearing skirts. For a picture and funny story about the last time I wore one see here.

So all of this made me think of this bookmark that Jacob made me when he was in first grade. It is a prized possession! Just in case it is hard to read I will decipher it for you. I will put my own comments in parenthesis and in red.

My mom's name is Natalie. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. (Nope, my eyes are blue.) She is not so thin, but she is getting thinner and she is short. (I lost quite a bit of weight around this time.) My mom likes to read, because she likes to read in bed. She cooks American food; she does not know how to cook Iskender. (Jacob's favorite Turkish dish.) She likes to wear sweaters. Her favorite music is piano music. (um...nope. Not a big fan of piano music.) She does not wear dresses a lot. (How about next to never!) My mom does not like sports. I know she loves me because she is nice to me. Her friend's name is Abby. My mom and I play board games together. Sometimes she is sad because she was adopted, but she is happy because she has four kids. (This is my favorite sentence. I was adopted, but I have never been sad about it. I told Jacob that, and his response was, "well I would be sad if you adopted me!" And the fact that having four kids makes up for my sadness...I love that!) When I go to bed she rubs my back and says prayers. This is my mom.

Jacob is somewhat embarrassed by this bookmark, because he knows there are a few mistakes in what he thought as a first grader. I love it though.

When Anna Grace was in first grade the next year she made me this lovely present.
rom Anna Grace

She took this picture of me that morning, and I proudly carried this purse to lunch that day! I do wonder what her teacher must have thought when she saw this bag. I don't care. I love it! It is another prized possession. I'm sure Anna Grace will be mortified at some point when she realizes what she wrote, but for now...it makes me smile!


Anonymous said...


I know what you mean by cherished things. I have a piece of paper with my hand print and Abbie's hand print on it. I love it so much, because of the colors, but because it was our first art project and ended up being a complete accident.

What cool kids you have!

Kerri said...



Natalie said...

witty - yep. they are cool. part of me is sad that they are growing up! i won't get these funny little homemade presents anymore. oh well. i do love the fact that they are much more self-sufficient and easier now!

kerri - i knew you would like that. when i opened it i had to try hard not to laugh. she was so cute and excited about it! i proudly own a "fag bag". aren't you jealous!

Mike S said...

Ain't kids neat? As an adoptee myself, I've always known I was adopted and never knew a different feeling. It would've been hard to keep from me anyway being Indian(N.A.) in a 'white' family:)

HeyJoe said...

OK, that purse is classic. "I love you so much, Fag."

Don't delete this.

Natalie said...

mike s - they are neat! yeah...i've always known i was adopted as well. it was just a part of who i was, but in no way completely defined me. i wouldn't trade it for anything!

heyjoe - i completely agree! classic. and you're safe. no deleting!

Heather said...


I can't WAIT to have kids!

Natalie said...

wishful - i know...it's hilarious. every time i look at it i smile. i'm sure you will be a great mom! and gets lots of cool presents!