Friday, February 22, 2008

Email and me.

I am having email problems. It is driving me crazy. I seem to be getting emails just fine, but almost anything I send either gets sent back to me or is lost in cyberspace for some amount of time before maybe showing up at it's intended destination. This started night two nights ago and just seems to be getting worse. I hate having email problems. I hate not being able to connect with people. It seriously puts me in a bad mood. That was part of the reason for my sorry mood yesterday. My email issues. I really shouldn't let it affect me like it does, but since I am on the other side of the world from my family and many of my friends email is hugely important to me. I am not even that great at keeping in touch, but I know that if I needed something or wanted to email someone I could. Not for the past day and a half. And the email sending issues seem to be affecting all of my email addresses. I have 3 personal email addresses...all three used regularly for different purposes...and they all seem to be having issues sending. So all of this to say...if you have emailed me in the last day and a half and are waiting on a response I am working on it. Believe me...I am trying. Man. Stupid email.


Mike S said...

Is it the server perhaps, or is the problem related to the local system there? I find that my friends around the world using Yahoo or Google mail seem to have the least problems:)

Anonymous said...

I think Mike is right about Yahoo. I have had a Yahoo account forever and have not had any problems. I also like the video chat option. Even though I moved here, I can still have my "gals night out" with my best friend back in DC.

Hope it gets worked out soon for you!

P.S. What is the time zone difference between Turkey and the US?

Natalie said...

mike - you know i think my emails are getting sent to spam. i have tried sending from my google mail address as well as two others and they seem to all be having trouble. i rarely put a subject line in so that may be part of the problem. i hope that is all it is. that we can fix!

witty - i do have a yahoo account, but i have never used it for email...just for instant messaging. my name is the same as my aol/aim email address. as far as the time difference goes we are 8 hours ahead of texas so my midnight bedtime is about 4pm your time.