Friday, February 15, 2008

Sun and Blue Sky

Trying to convince myself that it looks like this outside my window. Sunny, warm, blue skies, the ocean. Ahh...

I could take a dip in the pool.

Or go kayaking.

Take a nap in my hammock.

Go for a walk along the beach.

Or just sit and read a book while I soak up the sun.

Sounds heavenly.


Sharon said...

Is it okay if I convince myself I'm on the beach with you? Who knew moving 4 hours north would mean waaaaay colder weather. I want to wear flip flops!

Gina said...

My sister gets to do that almost everyday at her job....I'm extremely jealous.

Natalie said...

sharon - sure...come on in. the water's fine.

gina - what kind of job does your sister have and are they hiring?

Gina said...

She's a cruise ship nurse for Disney...I'm sure we could find SOMETHING to do!!

Natalie said...

gina - where do we sign up?