Sunday, February 24, 2008

A great thing

One of the greatest things (in my opinion) about living overseas is getting to experience many different cultures. We live in a Turkish culture, but know quite a few people of different ethnicities. Our kids go to the international school in town so they have friends from all over the place. I asked my kids where some of the kids in their classes are from and heard these countries. England, Iran, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Germany, Nigeria, Egypt, Italy, Iraq, Australia, Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Lithuania, South Africa, Brazil, and Norway. I know there are even more countries represented in the school. It is amazing to me to watch my kids interact with people from so many different places. One year I organized a teacher appreciation luncheon. We had food from all over the world. It was yummy!

Today I had the opportunity to hear a group from Iran singing a song in Farsi. It makes my heart glad to hear things like this. And the drum/tambourine thing was amazing. It had these chain like things that hit the drum as the guy beat on it. You know I want one! So the video is mostly focused on the drum like thing. Of course. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it!

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