Thursday, January 03, 2008

Being a girl

One Sunday while in Houston I wore a skirt to church.  (The skirt has been strategically removed from this picture because of how wide I felt and looked while wearing it.) (Notice the interesting neck on the sweater that I borrowed from my mom.  While quite comfortable and cozy I never was sure what to do with this collar.)  As you can see by my kids reactions wearing a skirt is not a normal thing for me.  I own two skirts.  Only two.  I do own one dress that I have had for probably 10 years.  I haven't worn it at all in the past 5 years.  And if you knew me 10 or even 5 years ago you would probably know that the dress couldn't possibly fit me now yet I insist on keeping it just in case I have a need to wear a dress at some point.  Pathetic...I know. Maybe I'll go buy a dress while I'm in the states.  It just seems like such a waste of money.   


Rhonda said...

All right.... hilarious. I think dresses are now back in style. Good thing too as I have to wear a dress/skirt every week to church and I feel suffocated.

Oh well... hang in there, the styles are looking better this season than last. That much I know for sure!

Natalie said...

rhonda - in college and when i was first married i wore dresses all the time. as my kids got older i got out of the habit, and now the thought of a dress makes me shudder! thankfully my church is fairly casual...some people wear a dress every sunday and others never do. i love that!