Tuesday, January 08, 2008


While in America 3 of my college roommates and I got to have a roommate reunion. It was so fun seeing everyone again. It had been 6 years since we had been together. Of course Mentanna was in France so she couldn't be there to complete the reunion, but we found a way around that. I brought my new computer which has a built in video camera, and Mentanna's husband, Scott, set up his computer which also has a camera so we got to see each other and chat for a few minutes. It was so fun seeing her on camera and getting to be "together". Here are some pictures of all of us from then and now.

The four of us in college. We look so young!

The four of us at Mentanna's wedding in Oct. 1997.

Lauren, Kristen, and I in 1990

And again on Dec. 30, 2007...16 years later!

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