Thursday, January 03, 2008

DISK-O fever

We went to Itz last night with the family.  It is basically a Chuck E. Cheese for older kids. There was no ball pit or tubes to crawl through, but they had every arcade game you could want plus some indoor carnival rides.  

Here we are on the DISK-O.  Actually only Emily, Erica, and I rode this time.  Erica acted like she didn't enjoy it, but I think she secretly did.   A boy she likes showed up right after she was strapped in so she had to ride it while he watched her.  A little disconcerting for her I think. She is her mother's daughter that is for sure.  But, she did play it up some as well when it was over.  Acting like she didn't enjoy it...like it was scary...for the attention.  I have no idea where she gets that from....hee hee.  

Will never did ride it because he would rather use his money on video games to get tickets to get prizes, and Jacob...well he is his father's son.  He wasn't getting anywhere near it.  Too scary for him.  

My only complaint about the DISK-O was that I froze.  The wind generated by the ride blew my hair all over the place which wasn't a big deal, but it also went right through me and I was wishing for a jacket!  Next time I'll know!


Gina said...

It scared me just watching it; I expected it to fly off the track and out the windows any minute. I wouldn't have rode it either!!

Lisa said...

I got sick watching it!