Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I love smelly candles.  Not flowery scents or fruity scents...mostly just yummy food scents.  Like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, vanilla...smells like that.  I also enjoy pine/mistletoe and clean smells. Since I have been in the states I have taken advantage of the Christmas sales and purchased six jar candles...which seemed somewhat over the top...but they were so cheap!  Then I got three jars for Christmas from people who know that I love candles.  Then today I was going through a box of stuff that we left here last year because we had no room for all of it in our luggage.  I found three more large jar candles that I bought to take camping with us in 2006, because I anticipated the cabins smelling like a combination of someone's dirty socks and dead fish.  The cabins ended up smelling fine so they were never used.  So now I have 8 large and 4 medium jar candles that I am wanting to take back to Turkey.  Who says I'm obsessive?

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