Friday, January 11, 2008

the old way

Our last Saturday in Texas we went to Pappadeaux's one more time. This time I was determined to have a shrimp poboy the old way. Our first full day in Texas we went and I was a little disappointed with my shrimp poboy. The shrimp was the same, but everything else had changed. They no longer put tartar sauce or cocktail sauce on it. No pickles. No lettuce. And even the bread was different. While good in it's own way it just wasn't the same. It didn't satisfy. So here I am...sitting at Pappadeaux's waiting for my turn to order. It's my last chance for satisfaction. I have already warned the others at the table that I am going to assert my Americanness and ask for my order to be different than the menu suggests. Everyone is prepared. The waiter looks at me when it is my turn and I say, "I would like to have the shrimp poboy...but I would like it to be prepared the old way." I am ready to explain what that means. I am ready to fight for my right to food my way. I am even prepared to beg. The waiter responds to my request by saying, "sure thing". That was it. That was all it took. I love America!

The old way...yummy.

The new way. Notice the different bread and underneath the shrimp is coleslaw. The coleslaw was pretty good...but not on my shrimp poboy. (the onion rings were a special order...they didn't come with the new way.)

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