Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Piling Up

I have piles of stuff that are driving me crazy on several pieces of furniture in my house. I have been through the piles and sorted them out...making smaller piles so that I can put the things where they belong, but that is where I always stop. The smaller piles sit around for a few days and then are gathered back up into one pile and moved off of the dining room table so we can eat. I mean we have to eat, right? Many things in the piles aren't even mine. Actually I can safely say that most of it isn't mine. And I hate piles. I just need to get motivated to do something about it.

The pile that I am observing from the safety of my chair consists of a dictionary, a pencil sharpener, a bag with some of Brian's stuff in it, a stack of pictures, a pile of business cards, a paper from our building supervisor that says something important (I'm sure) in Turkish, a dvd, a little baggie of Christmas candy, a sleeve for Brian's nano, a notebook, a book of matches, several computer game cases, a Black Sea travel guide, a painted pine cone, a pocket knife, a flash drive, a half-painted paint-by-numbers picture as well as several other things I am unable to identify from my seat. Seriously. I can claim the dvd. I can also claim the flash drive. I will claim the book of matches since I am the candle obsessed one in the family. The rest...well I didn't use it or get it out or put it there. So here I sit...sending dirty looks in the general direction of that pile...wishing for the power to move things with my mind...and break my chi barrier. Um...whatever that is.

*I don't believe in anything chi...just in case there are those of you out there who really wondered.


Anonymous said...

And how do those piles get so big so quickly?? I think there is a pile gnome:)

******* said...

I feel as if you're talking to me personally about the piles. I never get to sit on the couch anymore, there's always a pile of junk in my spot. I move it away and it returns. I think I need a bigger house.

Natalie said...

Cheri - seriously. It is crazy. The piles that I move from place to place. Why don't I just sort through them and get it over with?

Rosa! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love new blogger friends! And I don't know if a bigger house would work for me. Sure it would be nice, but it would just mean more places for me to put my piles!